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Rich Fletcher

My journey with Amy has been nothing but transformational. She effortlessly blends incredible wisdom with honesty, compassion and curiosity. However challenging the subject, I've always felt held and safe by Amy. As a result of this, I've always experienced some phenomenally positive shifts in my life. I literally couldn't recommend Amy highly enough!

Alisa Couchman

I came to Amy for help with my approach towards relationships and honesty. When I first started I wasn't really sure how coaching could help with this area of my life. Amy made me incredibly comfortable with both coaching as a tool, the process and in being really honest about the challenges I faced and how I was continually getting in my own way. She created an incredibly safe and calm space for me to be able to explore what was holding me back. Through my coaching with Amy I have been able to realise and get super clear on not only what it is that I truly want, but also how to create room for what I want and I'm open now to having really fulfilling relationships - not only with other people, but with myself. As a result, my relationship with my family has improved and I'm a much more present friend. I highly recommend working with Amy, I'm so glad I did - it has changed my life for the better.


Kyle McInnes

I approached Gavin for coaching at a time when I was struggling with my role and career direction. I had spent the previous years as a team leader & clinical lead, working in a mental health crisis service, completing my duties, managing the pandemic and taking on a masters degree. This led to me losing sight of what was important to me as a nurse, instead focussing more on what was expected of me given my training, not really knowing what I wanted to do next. 


I looked to coaching to help me understand this problem and to help me gain a better understanding of myself in relation to it. Through my coaching sessions, Gavin was able to help me reach my goal I set, by asking the difficult questions I wasn’t asking myself. Gavin’s style of questioning was friendly, curious, and considered, but he knew exactly what to ask to help get to the core root of the problem. Although during some of our sessions I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable, this was a reflection on his ability to push me into finding out what was important. I always felt Gavin had my best interests in mind during our sessions and was genuinely interested in helping me. 


My experience of coaching was extremely valuable. I feel I have regained some of my core values and motivations for why I practise as a nurse and also view myself differently, with increase self-worth and confidence as a clinician. I don’t think I would have achieved such a significant result without Gavin’s help and for that I’m extremely grateful to him. 

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