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Ever felt like you need a bit more? 

You've been so busy caring for others, working and just generally being superwoman that you forgot to look up and make time for you. 

It's time that changed. 

This one is just for you!

I've spent the last 20 years being pregnant or raising my family. Teamed with a busy full time leadership position, and a challenging first marriage that ended in divorce, it's safe to say that I completely survived on 0% 'me' time. 

Making time for your own development is so important. (Isn't hindsight a great thing!) When responsibilities get in the way we forget that we are important too. Remembering who we were, or discovering who we have become takes time and space. 

As my children have got older I've been able to spend the last couple off years developing myself. Coaching and supporting women to achieve their goals has become my passion. I'm now able to use my study to help bring joy, activity and goal achievement to you! Stuff you can do around your chores, duties and the odd glass of wine you're managing to guzzle down. 

Smash your goals and join a community. 

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Join Us

Smash your goals. Have some fun. Stimulate your mind. 


 Group Coaching

Enjoy deep conversations? Want to discover more about yourself and engage with other women? 

Join our weekly group coaching session and achieve a productive week. 

Jam packed with activities and learning for a stimulating time. 

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Motivated Mamas

Let's face it, looking after kids on your own throughout the day can sometimes leave you feeling flat. 

We've got you!

Join our virtual hang out full of stimulating conversation, activity, fun and adult company!

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 Individual Coaching

Are you ready to smash your goals? Want to have a bit of time focussed on your next steps and personal development? 

Imagine super charged 'you time' packed with support and challenged aimed at moving you to the next level. 

Want to know more? 

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Need more info before you book? 

Email me to get in touch and we can have a chat. 

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